Inside a microservice

We use senecajs as a framework ( for all our plugins.

The only exception to the following is cp-zen as it's both containing our front-end and serving it, but still does the link through hapijs to the microservices


service.js or index.js

  • loader for local seneca instance
    • set up external plugins
      • database
      • logging
      • ..
    • import custom plugins (depending on the microservice)
      • dojos
      • users
      • events

/lib : contains all the logic

  • Each file is the logic for one act

/tests :

  • "unit" test
  • often, <serviceName>-test.specs.js contains all the tests, into one unique file

/tests/e2e : contains the microservice for loading testdata for this microservice

/config: contains the microservice configuration, including

  • the port on which the microservice is running,
  • the postgres params,
  • the mailing params
  • other env variables (integrations)
  • permissions for acts when they are exposed through Hapijs

Ongoing migrations

/lib: contains all the logic

  • entities : CRUD actions only available to the local controllers
    • should not contain any logic
      • allows us to swap database easily
  • controllers: external acts available to any other microservice /zen
    • as they can be exposed through cp-zen/hapijs, they should be validated and have permissions set
      • permissions, validation and tests are grouped on the same folder than their act


  • this directory doesn't exist anymore as every act has its own tests along with its code, its permissions and its validation

Regarding zen-platform

/lib : contains all the api endpoints and their definition

  • ongoing: separation of validation from the endpoint to allow reuse of definition
  • ongoing: missing validations of api calls

/web/index: entrypoint

  • loader of plugins, config, api endpoints.

/web/controllers: serves the index

  • define exceptions to our SPA
    • embedded
    • open-graph
    • routes for directives template
    • ...


  • statically defined api responses
    • programming languages
    • languages
  • config for
    • caching
    • plugins
      • i18n
      • dustjs

/web/public: Angular1 front-end

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